From formation of private funds to its administration and transfer agency, AYASA GLOBO FINANCIAL SERVICES provides a “one-stop” platform for turn-key solutions accommodating different clients’ needs on every aspect of a fund. Despite their familiarity of incorporation and operations, fund managers may find “hand-holding” supports from our experienced team members, who respond to requests and questions within 24-hour, always.

Fund Structuring and Pre-Launch

  • Provide professional advises on suitable fund structure(s)
  • Review/Edit legal documents; working with lawyers and/or advisors for incorporation of funds and IM companies
  • Assist in selection of auditor(s); both first- and second-tier, according to clients’ preferences
  • Arrange FATCA registration and obtain required code(s)
  • Prepare relevant tax filing and forms

Onboarding and Checking on Investors

  • Distribute/Collect subscription documents to/from potential investors
  • Review/Approve submitted subscription documents with investors’ signatures verified
    Perform anti money laundering (AML) checks and know your customer (KYC) reports on new investors
  • Input investors’ information to firewalled database
  • Track/Account for investors’ side letters, if apply
  • Confirm receipt of subscription/redemption documents with investors, with official Contact Notes issued
  • Maintain investors’ documents, in files and electronically

Regular and Repetitive Processing

  • Reconcile cash position with banks and/or (prime) brokers
  • Value portfolios and underlying assets using independent pricing services then reconcile to broker’s statements
  • Prepare and review bank transfers
  • Review and accrue for fund expenses
  • Calculate performance of funds

Monthly or Quarterly Reporting

  • Reconcile cash position with banks and/or (prime) brokers
  • Value portfolios and underlying assets using independent pricing services then reconcile to broker statements
  • Prepare and review bank transfers
  • Review and accrue for fund expenses
  • Account for any side pockets or share class
  • Prepare complex allocations and fee calculations
  • Calculate the net asset value (NAV) of the funds
  • Prepare and distribute investor capital statements
  • Calculate performances of the funds and investors’ account(s)
  • Prepare customized reports to investment manager, included in the NAV pack

Annual and Ongoing Services

  • Prepare financial statements (i.e. balance sheet, income statement, general ledger, etc.)
  • Prepare audit work papers and footnotes under GAAP or IFRS standards
  • Coordinate audit processes
  • Maintain updated Register of Investors
  • Assist in FATCA reporting
  • Assist the fund manager with regulatory compliance
  • Monitor investors profile against AML watchlist(s)
  • Respond to questions or inquiries arisen from investors

Trust & Trustee

Our trustee services have been carefully designed to help meet your needs. Unlike many professional trustees that take a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor our wide range of trustee services to meet the specific requirements of your family in a variety of different ways. As a leader in trustee services for many years, Globo Family & Trust offers the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to handle every aspect of your trust, including:

  • Trust administration
  • Custody services
  • Trust accounting
  • Tax review and reporting
  • Record keeping services
  • Portfolio management
  • Investment risk consulting
  • Customized management services and working together with your tax professional on tax-sensitive strategies

Whether you’re in the process of building, managing or transitioning your assets, Globo Family & Trust can help at every stage. We have worked with clients and their advisors to identify their estate planning needs, administer their trusts, and settle their estates with our comprehensive range of specicalized services for more than a century.

Family Office

Professionals at GCG are certified STEP members, each of which possesses almost 20 years experience in the field of estate/wealth and legacy planning. Together with our clients we go through the process of discovering what solutions would best fit their family business.

  • Estate planning
  • Asset protection
  • Wealth structuring
  • Heritage & Legacy advisory

Wealth/Tax Planning

We provide our clients with superior financial advises among the selection of top industry service providers including but no limited to commercial and private banks, boutique investment banks, brokers, investment (asset) managers, and insurance companies. Our independency form these professions ensures optimal and efficient financial solutions for our clients.

  • Commercial and private banking
  • Capital raising
  • Investment funds
  • (Exchange) Listing services
  • Insurance & captive insurance


Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) of GCG provides relationship management services simplifying the interaction between clients and their service providers or business partners. The management of these relationships consists acting as single front desk before them. After clear guidelines are set out with the leadership of the business and/or family, we manage the day-to-day relationships and workflows. That includes namely monitoring processes, verifying milestones, deadlines and targets, benchmarking results, comparing performance, requesting and comparing quotations, setting budgets, reviewing of legal documentation and agreements and handling in invoicing procedures. This way we contribute to protecting our clients interests and their wealth.