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    “Right Price”

    Never overpay a penny

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    “Right People”

    Always the best team


“The secret of success lies not in doing your own work,
but in recognizing the right man to do it”.

Andrew Carnegie

AYASA GLOBO FINANCIAL SERVICES, an affiliated company of GLOBO CONSULTING GROUP (“GCG”; founded in 2008), has its presence in multiple cities and countries around the world including Zurich, Dubai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Chicago, BVI, Panama, Argentina, and Columbia.

“Right People, Right Price” is our core value and we vow to satisfy clients’ needs by dedicating the “right people” to achieve beyond excellence at the “right price”. Executives of GCG includes: Edwards Carrasco (Partner for the European markets and Head of Trustee Services), Santiago Goiri (Partner for the American markets and Head of Corporate Services), and Edward Yum (Partner for the Asian markets and Head of Fund Services).